Have you ever wondered how to prepare that amazing meal you had at your favourite 3* Michelin Restaurant - well this demo site imagines a website where you can find out.  Bringing you the recipes you always wanted.

The purpose of this site is to demonstrate the power and ease of use of EasyLayouts - the tool that makes it easy to create attractive layouts for your Joomla! site, without the need for coding.

With EasyLayouts you can:

  • Place your article elements and custom fields where you want them
  • Create different layouts by article category and also for some modules
  • Control the output of your custom fields

All this without the need for coding up complex template overrides.  Imagine how this will improve your site development productivity and reduce your costs.

Try out the frontend of this site - we have created:

  • 3 different content types (restaurants, chefs and recipes) - each one is laid out differently on the page using their own custom field.  Try the different menu items above to see this in action.
  • A Joomla! category articles module for the recipes page whose layout was generated by EasyLayouts
  • A special menu item to show recipes Excluding wheat,  which filters the articles visible on the page based on the value of a custom field

On the demo site we have used the Bootstrap 5 framework in Joomla 4 but EasyLayouts can output layouts using Bootstrap 4, Bootstrap5, UIKit 3 or no framework at all.  AND critically we don't output ANY CSS or Javascript files - you simply use the CSS and javascript from your site's template.  More frameworks are being added all the time.

You can disable and re-enable EasyLayouts on the frontend of this demo site by using the checkbox beneath the top menu.  BUT BEWARE - you will then get unscaled images and basic layouts..